Here you will find the camping guide, complete with maps, regulations and advice for the best and safest camping experience during the LARP.


Map of the LARP area

On your left is a map of the area where the LARP will take place. It's marked with useful icons illustrating facility placements and plans. 


The area marked with red lining is the offgame campsite where players are welcome to out up tents that are not visually ingame. The road across marks passing into ingame area and players are expected not to cross without costume or ingame gadgets visible. 

The orga bar marked with the purple hexagon, will be ingame. The bartenders and performers at the bar will be in character at all times, and this is expected of the players also. Beverages are paid for in offgame currency though. We accept Danish kroner in cash, Euro in cash, direct wire transfer from a bank app or MobilePay

The white stars mark the two game entrances, players camping offgame will be asked to use the northern one, players camping ingame will be asked to use the southern one which leads directly into ingame area. 

The orange dots mark the various exits from the entire LARP area into public space. These will be marked with Nexus Realm signs for both players and bypassers, that they are now entering an ongoing event and should show consideration.

Camping Circumstances

The area is an old, reformed landfill. This means that it is perfect for a post-apocalyptic style LARP, but also that one should not sleep in a tent with no ventilation. Mosquito nets are of course fine, but the tents that are for sleeping should always have proper airing - ingame and offgame tents alike.

It also means that while closed lanterns and the occasional candle are fine, it is NOT permitted to have open campfires. The only campfires allowed are the ones in the area already designated for such practice. 

Because this poses a challenge for playermade food, we aim to rent or borrow a number of small generators that will make it possible to set up some hotplates that player-cooks can use during dinnertime.


Camp structure

Because of the challenges previously mentioned, the camping spots will be located in clusters that share power and hotplates for cooking. We encourage that you and your cluster-mates in the offgame area aim to help each other and make space for each other as much as possible, as a sign of good sportsmanship and fellowship. 


The clusters camping in the ingame area will be eligible for special plots, character relations and pre-game history if they wish. Should your team be interested in cluster-game during the LARP, have your team leader send our plot developer an e-mail. Find them and the other orga's